It’s been a bit of an emotional time in clinic recently.

WARNING: Today’s read is not for the faint of heart. But I am honoured people allow me to help them with their stuff, and emerge the other side in a very different place.

My client presented in clinic with incontinence. It had been the occasional dribble when training hard / sneezing that kind of thing, but had recently turned to completely voiding of the bladder without warning.

History revealed a period of approximately 18 months when they were sexually abused by a distant family member.
Recently events in their wider family and circumstances surrounding their immediate family had meant this forgotten period of their life was brought back into the wider consciousness again.

When we moved to testing we found, unsurprisingly, their pelvic floor at the front was dysfunctional. And whilst a local relationship was present, it didn’t account for the sudden change in continence.
Investigating their emotional centre, we found that to be highly dysfunctional, and linked to the pelvic floor – the left and right deep transverse perineal muscles specifically.
We released a specific portion of the emotional centre, they activated the relevant areas of their pelvic floor, and went on their way.

I’m pleased to report there has been no recurrence of voiding since the treatment.

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