It’s those little bits of history which come to the surface

A new client come to me last week, they’d been having coccyx discomfort since falling on their bottom.
We did some work with their epidural scar site (from 16 years ago) their nuchal ligament (attaches to the spinous processes of the neck) and the coccyx ligaments.
We achieved a great deal in the first session as they were super receptive. Homework was recorded and we booked them in for this weekend.

This week they were pleased to report their 16 year bout of insomnia had subsided, their neck was feeling much better, but their coccyx pain remained.

This week they shared there had been sexual abuse in the their childhood. From this new piece of information we were able to find an overactive emotional centre, several under active pelvic floor muscles, two eye muscles and their left and right QL.
When working with the pelvic floor, it important to know exactly which muscles you are working with, otherwise it’s likely you will end up strengthening the overactive whilst the under active portions remain inactive. (And this is true of all pelvic floor work, not just in cases like this.)

A metaphysical release was performed, the paired under active structures were activated, and the pain had gone. We even tried to aggravate things by getting them to sit on the floor, a previous trigger for the coccyx pain, but still no pain.

Whilst there is no homework following this kind of session, the client will need to be kind to themselves to allow the body to heal and recover.

I’m privileged to be able to help people in this way, and owe a great deal to those who place their trust in me, and those who have taught me over the years 🙏🏻❤️

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