Stoop doing Kegel’s

| Latest News

Until you know if your pelvic floor is working properly > STOP doing kegals! You could be making things worse 👨🏻‍🎓 Experience the difference – A refreshingly different approach to pain and dysfunction, so you can breathe better, move better, to live better.

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Stop sucking it in

| TX - Spinal, Torso, Breathing

People often walk around sucking their belly’s in. This can cause all sorts of issues as your abdomen, an integral part of you core stabilisation and breathing system is being compromised by this (semi)conscious action. Most people won’t notice the gradual decline in their digestive and diaphragmatic function – both respiratory and pelvic – until…

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Twisted sister

| TX - Neck & Eyes

After attending a conference in London a client presented with restricted neck mobility, looking to the side and down was very restricted and looking up wasn’t great either, lugging a brick of a laptop with its failing battery probably didn’t help much either. After rushing across London and arriving late they didn’t want to make…

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A balancing act

| How we work

Balance is never more important than in an elderly or frail population, where a fall could mean a broken hip, and months of recovery thereafter. One of the first things we do with any new client, and throughout their treatment is evaluate their stability with a single leg stance and perturbation test. These tests challenge…

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| How we work, Reminders

Homework is an integral part of your ongoing treatment. Whilst we may be lucky enough to achieve pain relief, an increased range of motion etcetera in session, generally speaking chronic issues need more than an hour in clinic, often involving layers of compensation which need to be peeled back like the layers of an onion….

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| Reminders

Interesting read on the impact EMF might be having from your smart watch Just information, please make your own minds up 😊

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C sections

| TX - Scars

We’ve discussed Caesarian sections before, and how they don’t always need to look gnarly or angry to be causing dysfunction / aches pains elsewhere in your body. WARNING: Don’t read whilst eating your breakfast 👍🏻 Last week I had a lady with a next to invisible scar return to clinic and report, she had what…

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