Stop sucking it in

People often walk around sucking their belly’s in. This can cause all sorts of issues as your abdomen, an integral part of you core stabilisation and breathing system is being compromised by this (semi)conscious action.

Most people won’t notice the gradual decline in their digestive and diaphragmatic function – both respiratory and pelvic – until they do!
That little bit of leakage, the slight shortness of breath when climbing the stairs, the slight back or neck ache, could likely all be attributed to that one action.

Getting those muscles working properly again, and getting you breathing in an optimised manner are key to reversing these issues, and it’s normally pretty straight forward.
These symptoms aren’t part of getting old, they’re aren’t ‘normal’ after having a baby. They’re a sign something is amiss.
You don’t have to put up with it. You just need to ask for help.

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