Bunion self help

Bunion self help ….

We’ve talked about bunions before. There is still a wide spread (half) misbelief that these pesky foot issues are inherited and there’s nothing that can be done about them.
*[I say half, because children often mimic their parents, and so muscular adaptations can be passed down in this way – so not really inherited, BUT you can definitely do something about them]

Bunions usually stem from some form of hip issue (which itself might be linked to a bigger picture). The collapsing of the medial foot arch, and the desperate attempts of the foot to provide some stability, result in the toes being overcrowded, as the big toe pushes in to the little toes.

As a form of self help, a tennis ball sized object – you know I love the Yoga TuneUp balls – can be placed under the ball of the foot – see picture for blue X, to help release the Adductor Hallucis and surrounding tissue.
Providing this feels okay, move to squeezing your toes around the ball, hold for a long exhale (breathing drills – remember you cues) and then extend and spread your toes – still on the ball – for another long exhale.

Do this a few times in order to ‘relax’ the muscles.
Remove the ball and attempt to splay your toes across the ground (fan them out a few times).

If this is too much to begin with in standing, try it seated.

As a progression, after the flexion and extension of the toes when pressure is being applied with the ball, try to lift each toe, one at a time, starting with the big toe.

I really like this drill, and often use it in combination with neuro corrective exercises, taping, pendulums and the advise of wearing appropriate / no footwear to good effect.

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