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In clinic we use a unique combination of neuromuscular testing

and treatment techniques from a range of disciplines to optimise your neurology

so that you can do the two most important things in life: breath and move.


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Your goals are our goals, whether it is to:

  • Be able to bend down and pick up the kids;
  • Be able to walk to the shops without pain;
  • Wear heels for that special occasion, so you look and feel great without pain;
  • Hit personal bests at the gym or on the pitch;
  • Make it to the toilet on time; or
  • Simply have more confidence in your body day to day without having to hold back from doing things or going places.

All Ages, Professions & Activity Levels

The clinic sees people of all ages, professions and activity levels from all around Portsmouth, Gosport, Southampton, Winchester, Waterlooville, Clanfield, Hambledon, Petersfield, Chichester and often further afield.

We help men, women and children* to be free from pain, and to move and breath better in the shortest time possible, so they can live their life to the full.

Every New Client…

Every new client completes a comprehensive intake form, and undergoes a consultation session. This first session allows us to assess the information stored in the Motor Control Centre – think ‘using the right muscles and joints, at the right time’ – for your breathing, stability and movement. Once assessed, we can decide whether we can help with your current issue, or whether you would be better referred to someone else.

This, for some people, seems a little extreme when you ‘just’ have a problem with your ankle, neck, arm, leg or shoulder pain etc. In truth, many issues can be traced back to instability from within the intrinsic core. These are categorically the most important muscles involved in any form of movement or propulsion, because without a stable platform, your muscles will be trying to stabilise
and mobilise your extremities at the same time.

As treatment progresses we reassess to see how you are doing. As you become stronger – have increased range of motion – have reduced levels of pain – experience new dysfunctions (!), the programme will need adapting.

One-to-One training

We offer an integrated approach to both rehabilitation and prehabilitation personal training sessions for our existing clients, focused on ensuring you receive one-to-one attention to get the best from every session. There are no quick fixes, and no fads, just programmes designed and delivered to enhance neuromuscular innervation, proprioception and biomechanics function, furthering the work already carried out in the clinical setting.

*Anyone under the age of 18 years old must be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times.
Typically children must be over the age of 10 to receive NKT based treatments.

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