Episiotomy causes global muscle dysfunction

Episiotomy – a surgical cut made at the opening of the posterior vagina down into the perineum during childbirth, to aid a difficult delivery and prevent rupture of tissues 😷

These procedures are becoming more and more frequent, unfortunately because people’s intrinsic core, breathing patterns and pelvic floors aren’t ready before they get pregnant – but that is possibly a story for another day 🤔

Today we had an episiotomy affecting a very athletic ladies lumbopelvic rotation. Rotation in the lower back / pelvis is crucial in efficient gate (walking, running etc) as well as a whole plethora of other more complex activities.
What was causing the problem? An old episiotomy scar 🤰

Episiotomy scars can be tricky, not least because of their location. Thankfully (for everyone concerned) I don’t need to be anywhere near the business end of things 👍🏻
Utilising a protocol specifically designed for scars, we were able to determine two dysfunctional elements of the same scar where responsible for knocking out the global muscles in the lumbopelvic region, and most likely contributing to the dysfunctional pelvic floor musculature as well – but we’ll save investigating that for another day once the scar issue is resolved 👨🏻‍🎓

The client was able to perform their own release work, and activate the areas which needed activating.
We videoed her homework (using images and explanations on the white board) so that she knows exactly what’s she’s doing when she’s at home.

Scars can be pesky things, they don’t have a use by date, so can often rear their ugly heads years after you think the ‘healing’ is done, but these issues can (and will) be resolved 🧠💪🏻

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