Coughing, sneezing, violent bouts can affect how you move

I had a new client attend after they had some trouble when out in Africa. Their accommodation was basic, and they’d been kneeling on the floor to brush their hair. Afterwards they got up leant across and placed the brush on a low table and their back went.
Unfortunately several hours driving over rough terrain and an eight hour flight home had done little to improve things.
Other than a terrible cough before they left for the trip, they were otherwise fit and healthy.

They had booked in to see me before they left Africa, so this was still a relatively new issue.
In clinic we found a primary distinction where their diaphragm was overactive, and their pelvic floor was under active, causing issues with their intrinsic core. A secondary issue in the pelvic ligaments was also addressed, and they were feeling a little better, so we recorded their homework and booked them back in for a follow up appointment.

In the following session, whilst things had moved forwards – the pelvic ligaments were all now working properly – things hadn’t improved as much as I would have liked or expected.
We covered more of their history, and found there had been a few particularly violent sneezes and coughing fits during the illness before taking the trip. Utilising this information we discovered a left eye dysfunction responsible for a big compensation which covered both the intrinsic and extrinsic core, a few ligaments, and their pelvic floor. Homework was recorded, and diligently done.
A few weeks later we caught up, and they were completely pain free, and had returned to their pre injury range of motion with reaching, twisting etc.

It might seem minor, but coughing fits and sneezes can be quite violent in nature, a trauma which the body has to absorb. Sometimes it’s not able to do this effectively which can cause knock on effects down the line.
If you’ve had a particularly bad coughing fit or have been sneezing violently, and you still have a few aches and pains once the cause has cleared up, it might be worth dropping me a line to check everything is okay 👌👍

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