Even the neatest, most invisible scars can cause you problems!

This week I had a client present with hip pain after running a race and hitting a PB for their 10k.
We discussed what had happened over the phone before the session, and it sounded reasonably straight forward, a hip rotator issue was most likely, but we would check things out when I saw them in clinic.

As it was a new client, we did a full sweep of intrinsic core and perturbation tests in addition to looking at breathing dynamics before considering the hip pain.
This might seem like overkill, but it helps to build a complete picture, enabling a holistic approach, and, ensuring the root cause of the problems are resolved, rather than simply tackling the symptomology on presentation.

What we found was very interesting. The breathing mechanics were a little out of sink, with minimal lower abdominal fill, the core was neurologically down regulated, and some of the balance tests needed work. The rotators of the hip, were also problematic as well.

There was however one thing which allowed everything in the body to work as it should, once temporarily removed from the neural pattern – a c section scar.
The scar itself is beautifully done, it was very difficult to see and even harder to photograph for this post. It moves extremely well, there are no lumps or hard gristly areas. It was, aesthetically at least, the perfect scar.
The fascial distortions which had occurred 10+ years ago, causing compensation patterns to set up, had not resolved after the scar had healed still remained.

We analysed the scar, treated it in a very specific manner, and were able to get a significant improvement in neuromuscular function and reduction in pain during the session. Homework was videoed for client led rehab at home.

The session served as a reminder that, there is no expiry date on scars, and no matter how little aesthetic impact they may have, they can still be causing all sorts of issues from a biomechanical perspective.

If in doubt, get them checked out 😊👍🏻

Client image

Client image

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