Nearly half of women above age 50 have urinary incontinence but most are too embarrassed to speak to someone about it. Are you one of them?

Failing to maintain normal bodily functions is embarrassing. A pelvic floor issue makes daily life difficult and unpredictable; it can even disrupt our routines, relationships, and our ability to participate in activities. This, understandably, can take a toll on your emotional welfare as well.

Societal conditioning dictates that when we think of people suffering from pelvic floor issues we imagine a middle aged, menopausal woman who has one too many “oops” moments.
👉 However, 1.5 million people aged between 15-44 experience continence issues, and its not just women either.

With so many contradicting facts about the pelvic floor out there these days, it’s hard to determine right from wrong.
What I will say as a general consideration for everyone is 👉 don’t do Kegel’s until you know that’s what you need. 👈👨🏻‍🎓

Thankfully, getting your pelvic floor checked out for dysfunction, and how it might be related to any aches, pains or movement dysfunctions is quick, pain free, done completely by the client, with no internal examination required.

Experience the difference – A refreshingly different approach to pain and dysfunction, so you can breathe better, move better, to live better.

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